Domemaster Fusion Macros Readme

Version 2.4 - Released 2017-01-04
by Andrew Hazelden

Twitter: @AndrewHazelden

Cubic Faces to Cubmap3x2


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The Domemaster Fusion Macros allow artists to create immersive 360° stereo composites. The new immersive toolset is designed to work with Blackmagic Design’s Fusion compositing software. These macros are great for preparing pre-rendered content for use in a fulldome theater, or on a head mounted display like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE, OSVR, or Google Cardboard.

The node based macros allow artists to reformat stereoscopic imagery between LatLong, cylindrical, angular, and domemaster projections, convert LatLong imagery to cubic formats, and rearrange 6 sided cubic panorama images. Fusion’s node based approach makes it easy to re-target immersive content for Oculus Rift & Gear VR, fulldome, and panoramic format presentations, or composite live action footage into a panoramic backplate.

As a bonus, the Domemaster Fusion Macros include several stereoscopic merging nodes so you can output your immersive content in the stereo 3D over/under, side by side, and anaglyph formats. Thirty compositing examples are provided that show how to get the most out of the Fusion Macros. There is an advanced example that shows how to use a fast UV Pass technique to remap imagery between different panoramic projection formats.

There are 48 Fusion example compositing project files included that give practical examples of node based panoramic 360 degree compositing workflows. There is a new roller coaster example scene that is rendered by Fusion's 3D animation system into the equirectangular, fulldome, and cubic panoramic image projections.

The Domemaster Fusion Macros support Windows 7-10 64-Bit, macOS 10.10 - 10.12, and Linux RHEL 7+/CentOS 7+/Ubuntu 64-Bit.

PanoView Supported Viewers

The PanoView script allows you to click on any node in Fusion and quickly send your immersive 360° media to an Oculus Rift head mounted display or external media playback program:

PanoView Script

Google Cardboard VR View Publishing

The "Publish Media to Google Cardboard VR View" script lets you customize the settings and generate a Google Cardboard VR View webpage that can be viewed locally or pushed via Apache web sharing and WiFi to a smartphone with a Google Cardboard HMD.

For more details on the Google VR View technology itself check out the Google VR View Developers page.

Google Cardboard VR View Script

Macros Included

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Mask Macros

Miscellaneous Macros

Renderer3D Macros

Stereoscopic Macros

Transform Macros

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Viewer Macros

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