Customer Testimonials

Here is what visual effects artists have to say about Andrew Hazelden's software.

Jared Sandrew via Twitter

“@andrewhazelden the 360 tools you created for @autodesk are magic! Thank you!”

Jared Sandrew United States

Max Crow

“I can assure you PlayblastVR is the VR tool for Softimage you have always wanted!”

Max Crow United Kingdom

Joaquin ‘Kino’ Gil

“For anyone interested in panoramic animation, Domemaster3D is THE tool to get a foot in the door and the rest of your body too.  Then consider Andrew Hazelden’s own PlayblastVR as a VR renderer, and RocketComp to comp your final and you’re SO set it’s unbelievable!”

Joaquin 'Kino' Gil United States

Alex Lam

“The Domemaster3D toolset is an awesome plugin! We used it on our latest fulldome production at the Hong Kong Space Museum.”

Alex Lam Hong Kong

Justin Denton

“I purchased your PlayblastVR tool and have been using your Domemaster3D tools for a bit now. They have really helped me with doing previs and visualizing both VR and Special Venue Projects. So, I am a huge fan of your work!”

Justin Denton United States