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MikroElektronika Libstock Awards

By , May 31, 2014 8:14 am

The Libstock Awards

This month MikroElektronika celebrated their 10th birthday in the compiler development market. The company creates my favorite embedded electronics tools like MikroC Pro and the EasyPIC Development boards. As part of their celebrations they created a Libstock award that recognized community contributions.

I've been a MikroC user for 7 years and a contributor to the Libstock site since 2011 so I was really pleased to receive an award.

Wifi Repeater System

My first MikroC project was deployed in 2007 when I wanted to power a series of remote WIFI repeater outposts on hilltops around West Dover. I needed a way to control a large 12V battery array system and use a RTC realtime clock to turn the WiFi radios ON/OFF with a scheduled timer to save on power. The excellent MikroElektronika documentation, libraries, and examples were instrumental in getting me started with Microchip PIC microcontrollers. On that project I was able to use the PIC18F chip's watchdog timer feature to keep the system working reliably for multiple years.

This WIFI power manager was my first home etched PIC microcontroller board.

This WIFI power manager was my first home etched PIC microcontroller board.

Since then MikroC has continued to power my hobby projects across the PIC18F, DSPIC33, and PIC32 microcontroller families. With the help of MikroC I've had a chance to create camera intervalometers, pan & tilt video rigs, autoguiders for astrophotography, GPS navigation devices, model airplane control systems, and digital POI.

Using a GPS Click on a Raspberry Pi

By , January 22, 2014 12:21 pm
The Raspberry Pi and the GPS Click

The Raspberry Pi and the GPS Click

About the Script

gps2udp is a script that connects a MikroElektronika GPS click board via USB to a Raspberry PI. The serial GPS data is pushed out through a UDP socket onto the network interface. The GPS is set to run at 115200 baud using the stty command.

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