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SpeakUp Multimeter Tutorial

By , October 11, 2014 3:46 pm

Since this is my 350th blog post I thought I would do something special to celebrate the event! I've recorded a new embedded electronics video tutorial that will show you how to integrate speech recognition into your next electronics project with the assistance of a MikroElektronika SpeakUp Click board.

I can't wait to see what type of SpeakUp projects you come up with after watching this video. :-)

This project shows how to use the SpeakUp Click board as a standalone device with a multimeter acting as a display to show feedback from each of the voice commands. This project is ideal for a new SpeakUp Click user because it doesn't require you to buy a compiler or any other microcontroller development tools other than the SpeakUp Click board itself.

This was my first project with the SpeakUp module and I had a fun time learning how to record new voice commands and actions using the SpeakUp desktop utility. I really enjoyed working my way through the illustrated SpeakUp Click user manual.

The SpeakUp Utility makes it easy to record custom voice commands and tie them to actions.

The SpeakUp Utility makes it easy to record custom voice commands and tie them to actions.

The SpeakUp board has its own ARM based STM32 microcontroller on board, and a mikroBus connector too so there is lots of room for expansion and customization beyond the essential voice control and action features offered in the SpeakUp utility tool.

You can download the tutorial's project files from the Libstock website:

Mikromedia 3D Sprites Firmware

By , October 6, 2014 1:27 pm

I've put together a new firmware for the MikroElektronika Mikromedia PIC32 development board. The firmware is a demo that draws rotating shapes on the screen using sprites. I created this demo because I've wanted to try out Dragan Regodic's TFT graphics library on Libstock and this seemed like the perfect learning project for the task.

The example is based upon porting the classic 1990's Metal Basic sprite demo "TriCube" by Ivan Freyman.

You can control the Mikromedia 3D Sprites demo using the touch screen or with the buttons on a MikroElektronika Mikromedia Gaming Shield to control the rotation of the shapes, and change the active model between a plane, jack, cube, pyramid, and a octahedron.

The code was written using MikroC Pro for PIC32 and VisualTFT.
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