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Ink Droplets Falling Into Water

This is a clip of coloured ink droplets falling into a tank of clear water. This test was done as…

Digital POI Spinning Persistence of Vision Display

This is a video of an LED based Persistence of Vision device that writes words or patterns as it is…

An Aerial Exploration of West Dover

This is an aerial flight above West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada as seen by a Multiplex Easy Star model airplane.

Air To Air Chase

In this video a Multiplex Easystar model airplane is chasing a 6 foot Super Zagi plane by FPV video. Filmed…

Prototype Mini-ROV Exploring Under Ice

This is a video of a prototype mini-ROV (remotely operated vehicle) exploring under lake ice. It was built in 2004…

From the Sky to the Sea – Underwater ROV Film

From the Sky to the Sea is an underwater film exploring the marine environment around West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada….

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