Domemaster Fusion Macros

The Domemaster Fusion Macros allow artists to create immersive 360° stereo composites. The new immersive toolset is designed to work with Blackmagic Design’s Fusion compositing software. These macros are great for preparing pre-rendered content for use in a fulldome theater, or on a head mounted display like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE, OSVR, or Google Cardboard.

The node based macros allow artists to reformat stereoscopic imagery between LatLong, cylindrical, angular, and domemaster projections, convert LatLong imagery to cubic formats, and rearrange 6 sided cubic panorama images. Fusion’s node based approach makes it easy to re-target immersive content for Oculus Rift & Gear VR, fulldome, and panoramic format presentations, or composite live action footage into a panoramic backplate.

As a bonus, the Domemaster Fusion Macros include several stereoscopic merging nodes so you can output your immersive content in the stereo 3D over/under, side by side, and anaglyph formats. 48 compositing examples are provided that show how to get the most out of the Fusion Macros.

There are advanced example composites included that show how to: Use a fast UV Pass (ST Map) based warping technique to stitch panoramic 360° video from multi-camera panoramic video rigs with the help of a PTGui .pts project file template, and how to use a depthmap displacement approach to dimensionalize and convert 2D monoscopic panoramic video into full 3D stereoscopic panoramic video.

Domemaster Fusion Macros V2

PanoView Supported Viewers
The new PanoView script allows you to click on any node and quickly send your Blackmagic Fusion based immersive 360° media files to an Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE head mounted display or external media playback program using one of the following media viewer tools:

    • Kolor Eyes
    • GoPro VR Player
    • Amateras Dome Player
    • Adobe Speedgrade
    • DJV Viewer
    • Live View Rift
    • QuickTime Player
    • RV
    • Assimilate Scratch Player
    • VLC
    • Whirligig

Domemaster Fusion Macros PanoView Script

To learn more about the many features available in the Domemaster Fusion Macros be sure to check out the online documentation.
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Single User License
The single user license allows the use of the software on a single computer.
5 User License
The 5 user license allows the use of the software on five computers.

10 User License
The 10 user license allows the use of the software on ten computers.

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  • Version: 2.4
  • Fusion Compatibility: Fusion & Fusion Studio v7 and v8
  • Operating System: Windows 7-10 64-Bit, Mac OS X 10.10 - 10.12, and Linux RHEL 7+/CentOS 7+/Ubuntu 64-Bit.