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A January 2012 photo of Andrew Hazelden flying model airplanes.Hi. I’m Andrew Hazelden, a visual effects artist and co-founder of Dover Studios, Inc. This is my blog about visual effects and photography. I have a passion for sharing knowledge and enjoy writing.

My average blog post might be about anything from building an underwater ROV, flying a model airplane, compiling a shader, creating a time-lapse video, or doing stereoscopic 3D photography.

My electronics workshop currently has a set of MikroElektronika microcontroller development tools, a Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope, a 3.5x to 90x trinocular zoom boom microscope with a t-ring adapter.

Somehow every project I do seems to require at least a bit of duct tape and some hot glue during the build phase.

My favorite text editor on Mac OS X is BBEdit. I have a strong preference when programming of using 2 spaces for indents instead of going with tabs for any tool I create. 🙂

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