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KartaVR v4 for Fusion and Resolve

I’m happy to announce the release of KartaVR v4. A nice thing about the new KartaVR version is that it…

Dover Planar Grid 20 Camera Array MK1

This is a quick look at the DIY build of the “Dover Planar Grid 20x Camera Array MK1” system that…

Z360 for Maya 6DOF Stereo VR Playback System

This video shows a demo of a new approach for displaying 360° 6DOF Stereo VR imagery in Maya using the…

Mawson’s Hut 360VR Matchmoved Camera Dolly

This video explores the VR tools in the SynthEyes matchmoving program by tracking fulldome style footage that was filmed with…

Wreck Cove, West Dover 360VR Orb

This video shows a 360° “inverted tiny planet view” of Wreck Cove, West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Creating Volumetric Fog in 6DoF 360VR 3D Using KartaVR

This video shows the results of a KartaVR based VR workflow R&D experiment titled “West Dover Forest Z360 Disparity Depth…

Sunny Winter Morning 360VR

This is an early morning 360° panoramic scene of the West Dover Barrens in West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Powers Lake, West Dover in Autumn 360VR

Sit back and relax with a 360° stereo 3D view of Powers Lake, West Dover, Nova Scotia.

Powers Lake Stream 360VR Stereo

This is a 360° stereoscopic 3D video clip of the Powers Lake river stream in West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada….

Under the Bridge 360VR

This 360° video was recorded under the Black Duck Run Bridge in West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Dome Dialogues Interview With Andrew Hazelden

This video is a 90 minute interview I did with Jason Fletcher of The Fulldome Blog. We chatted about Fulldome…

Spherical Slitscan

This is a slitscan video sequence of wildflowers. The “traditional” slitscan effect that has been made into an immersive format by…

Exploring the Polly Cove Petroglyph

In Polly Cove, just outside of West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada there is a boulder with a petroglyph carving of…

Mandelbulber Infinite Fractals Flight

This is my first attempt at creating a high definition fly-though movie of a volumetric three-dimensional fractal. The visual effect…

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