If you are an artist who uses Blackmagic’s Fusion Standalone or Resolve software there’s a handy toolset called the Reactor Package Manager that you should check out! It’s really amazing. 😃

Reactor adds a whole world of new content to Fusion and Resolve

Reactor is an open source package manager that provides access to 3rd party scripts, macros, fuses, plugins, templates, and example composites. Reactor is quick to install, and it has a version control system that keeps all the additional content you add to your system up-to-date.

Reactor v1 was launched with a video that stars Charlie and ShadowMakerSDR.
Reactor v2 added support for Blackmagic Resolve 15’s Fusion page.

The Reactor Package Manager is hosted on the Steak Under Water Fusion forums and is powered by the Lua scripting language and GitLab.

Reactor’s story is unique in that it was a 100% community-driven volunteer-based development effort that was created by Fusion users.

I was a member of the core development team that created Reactor v1 – v3. Part of my effort was to write the official documentation and to create the Reactor installer tool that runs inside of Fusion and Resolve on Windows/macOS/Linux.

Installing Reactor

To install Reactor in Fusion and Resolve you need to download the “Reactor-Installer.lua” script from the Steak Under Water website. Once you have that file you can use the following steps to get Reactor up and running:

Step 1. Drag the “Reactor-Installer.lua” script from your desktop into the Fusion Standalone Console tab, or the Resolve Fusion page “Nodes” view. Alternatively, you could paste the Reactor Installer Lua script code into the Fusion Console tab text input field manually and the installer script will be run.

Step 2. On Fusion 9 you would click the “Install and Relaunch” button. On Resolve 15 you would click the “Install and Launch” button.

On Fusion 9 the Reactor.fu file will be downloaded from GitLab and saved into the “Config:/Reactor.fu” folder.

When the installer finishes, Fusion will restart automatically and the Reactor Package Manager is ready for use. 😀

Step 3. When you open the Reactor Package Manager window in the future using the “Reactor > Open Reactor…” menu item the tool will sync up with the GitLab website and download the newest details about the git commits that have happened on the Reactor repository since the last time you ran the tool.

Opening the Reactor Package Manager

This sync information is stored in the “Reactor:/” PathMap folder on disk.

For More Information on Reactor

To learn more about Reactor, here is a link to the official Reactor install guide. This page has the Reactor Package Manager usage instructions.

Package Your Own Content Using Atomizer

While helping to co-develop the Reactor, I also wrote the “Atomizer” tool which is a GUI that allows users to package up and submit their assets as Reactor packages which are called “atoms”.

Atomizer is accessed from the “Reactor > Tools > Atomizer” menu in Fusion.

Opening Atomizer

The main Atomizer window allows you to create your own new atom packages, or edit an existing atom package with a handy editing GUI. This avoids needing to use a programmer’s text editor to edit an .atom file.

The Atomizer Package Editor provides a GUI that allows users to quickly package assets for inclusion in Reactor.

Atomizer has an HTML editor built-in with a live preview mode, and the ability to automatically refresh the list of files being deployed. Atomizer was written in Lua and uses the new UI Manager library that is found in Fusion 9+ and Resolve 15+.

If you would like to know more about the Atom Package Format you can read the official documentation on the Reactor GitLab repository site.