KartaVR v4 Released
KartaVR v4 Released

I’m happy to announce the release of KartaVR v4. A nice thing about the new KartaVR version is that it is freeware which makes it far more accessible to indie artists, freelancers, and students who are exploring immersive media production.

Anyone can download and install the KartaVR software using the Reactor Package Manager.

If you are new to Fusion and Resolve, I wrote a blog post this month titled Reactor Package Manager for Fusion and Resolve that explains how you can install 3rd party content quickly and easily using Reactor.

If you have a (free) Steak Under Water forum account you can read the KartaVR user support thread that is accessible inside the Reactor thread area.


“Karta” is the Swedish word for map. With KartaVR you can easily stitch, composite, retouch, and remap any kind of panoramic video: from any projection to any projection. The KartaVR plug-in works inside of Blackmagic Design’s powerful node-based Fusion Standalone 9+ and Resolve 15+ software. KartaVR provides the essential tools for VR, panoramic 360° video stitching, and image editing workflows.

KartaVR running in Fusion Standalone has a full set of custom “bin” icons you can set up to view all the macro nodes.

KartaVR unlocks a massive VR toolset consisting of 138 nodes, 57 scripts, and 6 macroLUTS that will enable you to convert image projections, apply panoramic masking, retouch images, render filters and effects, edit stereoscopic 3D media, create panoramic 3D renderings, and review 360° media in Fusion’s 2D and 3D viewers.

KartaVR integrates with the rest of your production pipeline through a series of “Send Media to” scripts. With a single click you can send footage from your Fusion composite to other content creation tools including: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo & Designer, PTGui, Autopano, and other tools.

KartaVR provides a large quantity of Lua based pipeline scripts that have full source-code access to allow for deep customization.

Pricing and Availability

KartaVR v4 is freeware distributed exclusively through the Steak Underwater user community platform via the WSL Reactor Package Manager.

KartaVR v4 can be used on personal and commercial projects at no cost. KartaVR can legally be installed, for free, on an unlimited number of computers and render nodes via the Reactor Package Manager.

Reactor makes it easy to install KartaVR on your system.
Reactor makes it easy to install the exact KartaVR tools and content you want on your system.

KartaVR works with Fusion (Free) v9+, Fusion Studio v9+, Fusion Render Node v9+, Resolve (Free) v15+, and Resolve Studio v15+. KartaVR runs on Windows 7-10 64-Bit, macOS 10.10 – 10.14, and Linux 64-Bit RHEL 7+, CentOS 7+, and Ubuntu 14+ distributions.

KartaVR has low system requirements. If you can run Fusion Standalone or Resolve then you can run KartaVR. There is no need to *have* to upgrade your system to have a big GPU when you are just starting out in 360VR production and have a tight budget. KartaVR offers full cross-platform support and runs inside of Fusion Standalone 9 and Resolve 15 on MacOS/Windows/Linux.

New Features in KartaVR 4

  • Steak Underwater “Reactor” package manager suppport was added, along with new full-featured KartaVR freeware license that allows commercial use of the VR tools for $0.
  • macOS based users of KartaVR can run the new “Video Snapshot” tool that allows Fusion to capture live action footage from HDMI/SDI/USB video sources to disk. This video I/O captured media is accessed inside of Fusion using a managed loader node that can be added to the foreground comp with a single click inside the “Video Snapshot” window. The video snapshot tool can be used for stop motion animation work. Or a VFX supervisor can use it to grab footage from a video camera to help with on-set production comp-viz work. Or an XR media producer can do a fast node based 360VR stitching test in Fusion to make sure the footage captured on location is going to be able to be fine-stitched in post without any show-stopping issues.
  • Added an AcerWMRStereoRenderer3D Renderer3D macro that creates stereoscopic 3D 2880x1440px output from the Fusion 3D system. That interactively rendered output can be displayed directly on an Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD on macOS/Win/Linux via a floating image view.
  • Added a ViewerAcerWMR2StereoOU node for displaying panoramic images on an Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD on macOS/Win/Linux via a floating image view.

KartaVR Example 360VR Stitching Comps

KartaVR provides example compositing projects that include large media files and Fusion .comp files. This media will get you up to speed with node based live action panoramic 360° video stitching and photogrammetry workflows in Fusion.

These files are designed to show several different workflows for stitching and editing 360° panoramic imagery. There are approximately 16 GB of panoramic video stitching and photogrammetry project files available for download. The 360VR training example content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.