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Importing Affinity Photo Layered Artwork into Fusion

Here’s a quick tip that shows the steps required to transfer your Affinity Photo based layered artwork into a new Blackmagic Fusion node based composite.

Step 1. Export your Affinity Photo .afphoto document to a layered Photoshop .psd image format by select the File > Export… menu item.

Step 2. In the Affinity Photo “Export” window select the PSD file format option at the top of the view. Then click the “Export” button.

Step 3. In Fusion select the File > Import > PSD… menu item to load the layered PSD file into your current comp. Each PSD image layer will be converted into its own loader node in the Fusion comp and the final result will be combined into a single image using a series of merge nodes.

Step 4. After you import the PSD document into your Fusion composite, each of the source image layers used can be customized after the fact by clicking on the individual Loader node’s Format tab.

In the Format tab, the Layer setting changes the source PSD layer element that is used in the Loader node, and the Final Alpha From setting allows you to modify the way the alpha masking data is applied on the loader node.