This video shows a demo of a new approach for displaying 360° 6DOF Stereo VR imagery in Maya using the native stereo viewport functions in Maya to generate left and right eye views in real-time from your RGBZ formatted stereo images and image sequences.

The “Z360 Maya Preview” example works by opening up Z360 imagery that is arranged in an RGBZ Over/Under color + depthmap layout. A color equirectangular image is positioned at the top of the vertically stacked Z360 frame layout, and the depthmap placed at the bottom of the frame.

This is a Z360 Over/Under Color + DepthMap panoramic image

Using Z360 you can apply XYZ view translation and rotation effects with 6DoF omni-stereo output.

Z360 allows you to travel around and explore inside a pre-recorded panoramic image using 6DOF approaches to simulate a virtual dolly/slide rail.

Z360 for Maya 6DOF Stereo VR Playback System:

You can use KartaVR to stitch and create new Z360 formatted scenes from your raw unstitched stereoscopic 360VR camera rig footage. And the Z360 nodes will let you apply volumetric 6DoF omni-stereo approaches to the media in-comp.