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KartaVR Send to Photoscan Sneak Peek

This video is a sneak peek look at a new KartaVR feature called “Send Media to Photoscan”. This script is included with the KartaVR v3.5 update.

The new “Send Media to Photoscan” script streamlines an artist’s workflow by making it a single click task to send footage from your Fusion/Fusion Studio based compositing session to the AGI Photoscan photogrammetry tool. By adding Fusion to your existing photogrammetry workflow you can get cleaner output from AGI Photoscan and reduce the time spent manually editing point clouds and polygon meshes to remove artifacts.

This workflow improvement is done by leveraging features like Fusion’s node based Primatte greenscreen keyer, and Fusion’s keyframe animatable rotoscoping tools to mask your footage in advance. The Fusion based imagery (and the included alpha channel masking data) can then be pushed instantly by the “Send Media to Photoscan” script to a new Photoscan .psx project file.

With this KartaVR node based approach you will have ready to use meshes prepared in mere minutes vs the traditional approach of spending hours on tedious mesh post-processing and cleanup in your 3D package.