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KartaVR Stitched 360° Video Orbs

This video shows a 360° view of Wreck Cove, West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada in the “stereographic” orb image projection. It was stitched into a “Stereographic” orb shape using KartaVR, Fusion Studio, and PTGui.

How was this video made?

The raw video footage was filmed in three separate takes at 4K resolution with a Sony A7Sii based video camera and a Peleng 8mm circular fisheye lens. This footage was recorded externally in the Quicktime ProRes video format to an Atomos Ninja 4K SSD video recorder.

The ProRes format 4K video footage was loaded into the KartaVR “Convert Movies to Image Sequences” tool that automatically extracted each of the camera views into their own numbered Tiff format image sequences and named them correctly.

The video footage was then processed and stitched with the KartaVR plug-in and PTGui Pro’s BatchBuilder mode.

To remove the tripod from the 360° scene the media was reformatted by KartaVR into a flat horizontal cubic cross image projection. Then a Fusion Studio “Paint” node was used to apply a vector cloning effect to repair the tripod zone and the part of the sky near the sun over the duration of the video clip.

The final “Stereographic” orb shaped image projection was achieved with a UV pass warping approach with the help of the KartaVR “UVPassFromRGBImage” node that is quick to render and supports any image projection imaginable.

To create this unique looking output a custom “Equirectangular” to “Stereographic” image projection UV pass map template image was created with the KartaVR Generate UV Pass in PTGui tool.

This image shows a preview of the final Equirectangular to Stereographic conversion UV Pass map that was created by KartaVR.