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Mental Ray Integrated Development Environment

The latest NVIDIA release of mental ray 3.14 for Maya is a big one. One of the nicest improvements is the fact that mental ray standalone is now included with every mental ray batch rendering license. This means artists are able to go deeper and really fine-tune their mental ray .mi format scene exports.

Several years ago I created a mental ray syntax highlighter module that works with a programmer’s text editor like Notepad++ (Windows) and TextWrangler and BBEdit (macOS).

If you use TextWrangler or BBEdit on a macOS system, I am happy to announce that I have dramatically expanded the mental ray based rendering TD (technical director) centric tools included in the mental ray syntax highlighter. In the latest mental ray syntax highlighter update I have finally created a full featured IDE (integrated development environment).

The new mental ray IDE tools are the result of a concerted effort that started during the development of the Maya 2017 version of my Domemaster3D fulldome/VR rendering toolset. I’ve had the opportunity over the last few months to spend a lot of time exploring the newest 3.14 version of mental ray standalone, to develop mental ray shaders, and configure floating licenses in FlexNet Publisher / lmadmin.

This screenshot shows how the mental ray syntax highlighter module allows you to edit formatted mental ray scene files and visually launch mental ray standalone renderings.

There are now 51 new Applescripts that are accessible inside of TextWrangler and BBEdit that automate the most common tasks that a rendering TD needs to do in a day so they won’t have to drop into a terminal session as often.

This is a GIF animation of the mental ray scripts that work in TextWrangler and BBEdit on macOS

For more information on this toolset, you can check out the original mental ray syntax highlighter module blog page here, or you can go to the project’s GitHub page.

Flexera FlexNet Publisher Syntax Highlighter

A Flexera FlexNet Publisher lmadmin and IrayLM .lic license syntax highlighter module is also included. This makes it easier to view a generated license file and edit properties like the server’s hostname or other parameters when you are setting up a new floating license server.

FlexNet Publisher License Syntax Highlighter

Wiki Documentation Quick Links

Check out the Wiki index page for documentation on the mental ray syntax highlighting toolset.

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