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The Fulldome Blog – Fisheye & Spherical Collection

The Fulldome Blog - Lens Shaders List

Jason Fletcher of  “The Fulldome Blog” has finished the latest update to his big list of Fulldome/Panoramic 360°/VR lens shaders and post production tools. I’m constantly impressed with the rapid growth of the VR tools that have come out recently to facilitate live action and pre-rendered panoramic 360° production workflows. It really is amazing to see just how many new options have been added in the last two years!

Check out the Fisheye & Spherical Collection: Supported Render Engines blog post here:

I’m particularly pleased that several of the graphics tools I’ve developed / co-developed have made it into the list along side software tools made by giants of the industry like Solid Angle, Chaos Group, Pixar, and Autodesk.