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Creating Fulldome Storyboards

Storyboard Layouts

I’ve started the process of creating my own fulldome animation. As part of the planning stage I created a set of two storyboard templates that might be useful to other animators and filmmakers.

The first layout uses a squashed ellipse shape that can be helpful for visualizing the front facing part of a fulldome screen that is sometimes called the “sweet spot”. The 2nd layout uses a standard rectangular frame that is quick and simple for sketching. The templates have spaces for writing the show title, production #, date, version, page # or #, and a scene number for each storyboard frame.

The inspiration for the squashed ellipse frame comes in part from working inside the DomeViewer tool for Maya with frontface culling enabled on the dome preview mesh, and the Home Run Pictures page that talks about their storyboarding methods.


The storyboards templates are available as A4 and US Letter 8.5″ x 11″ formatted PDF files:

US Letter 8.5″x11″ Templates



A4 Templates



  1. Hi Alex.

    Thanks for checking out the new storyboarding templates. Do you use A4 or US letter sized paper?

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