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PlayblastVR for Maya

PlayblastVR is a new renderer for Maya that creates hardware rendered panoramic images using OpenGL or DirectX.



PlayblastVR for Maya

FROM $99.95

Domemaster Fusion Macros

The Domemaster Fusion Macros allow fulldome compositors and VFX artists to create immersive 360° stereo composites and visuals using Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 7.5 compositing software.



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  • PlayblastVR for Maya now has a render layer to After Effects Pre-Compositing Tool

    PlayblastVR Compositing Features

    25 / 04 / 2015

    The latest version of PlayblastVR for Maya now includes compositing features that make it easier to translate your Maya render layers into new composites using Adobe After Effects or Blackmagic Fusion. The compositing tools work with Maya Read More...

  • featured-render-settings-tokens-right-click

    Maya Render Settings Tip #1

    14 / 04 / 2015

    As a Maya rendering workflow tip, you can right click in the Maya "File name prefix" field and a magical popup menu will appear that lists the most common render <token> variables. This is handy if you want to create your own Read More...

  • Domemaster Fusion Macros Docs

    Domemaster Fusion Macros Online Documentation

    04 / 04 / 2015

    Overview The Domemaster Fusion Macros are a set of conversion tools that reformat immersive cube-map, angular, domemaster, and equirectangular imagery. There is also a set of stereo merge and extract tools for working with anaglyph, side Read More...