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PlayblastVR for Maya

PlayblastVR is a new renderer for Maya that creates hardware rendered panoramic images using OpenGL or DirectX.



PlayblastVR for Maya

FROM $249.00

Domemaster Fusion Macros

The Domemaster Fusion Macros allow fulldome compositors and VFX artists to create immersive 360° stereo composites and visuals using Blackmagic Design’s Fusion 7.5 compositing software.



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  • VrayDomemaster3D Shelf

    Domemaster3D Vray for Maya Update

    09 / 05 / 2015

    I put together a new Domemaster3D Vray for Maya shelf and created a set of native Maya stereo camera rigs for the Vray ported versions of the DomemasterStereo and LatLongStereo shaders. The new Maya stereo camera rigs automatically Read More...

  • Cubemap3x2 Conversions

    Dome2Rect V1.3 Released

    06 / 05 / 2015

    There is a new version 1.3 release out of the Dome2Rect panoramic image sequence conversion tool. Dome2Rect is a set of command line scripts that use the open source Panotool library + MPRemap  applications to automate the process of Read More...

  • Maya 2016 Shader Ball

    Maya 2016 Hypershade Shaderball Previews

    01 / 05 / 2015

    I'm really enjoying Maya 2016's new shader ball preview that supports mental ray rendered HDRI lighting and backgrounds, along with raytraced refractions and reflections. The updated Maya Hypershade window also includes an updated Read More...