Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack Updated

By , October 20, 2014 7:49 am

Hi. This is a quick post to let you know the Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack has been updated. The new version 1.0 release adds the following three actions:

180° Domemaster to 2:1 Equirectangular
2:1 Equirectangular to 180° Domemaster
Black Matting BG

Photoshop Actions Snapshot

Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack List

New Actions

2:1 Equirectangular to 180° Domemaster

The "2:1 Equirectangular to 180° Domemaster" action crops the top half of a latlong image (which I like to call a "hemi-equirectangular image) and converts in into a circularly matted domemaster frame.

180° Domemaster to 2:1 Equirectangular Action

The 180° Domemaster to 2:1 Equirectangular action converts a fulldome image into a latlong image and pads the lower (unused) half of the latlong frame with a black background fill color.

The "Black Matting BG" action creates a new black shape layer that is sized to fit 100% of the current document dimensions and positions it on the bottom layer in the Photoshop layers palette.


You can download the updated Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack here.

Building an HDR Panoramic Camera Rig

By , October 13, 2014 11:29 pm

Version 1.0 - October 14, 2014


Panoramic Camera Rig 2

This project creates a DIY panoramic camera rig that is capable of capturing fully spherical high dynamic range panoramas. The project uses a modified Canon DSLR battery grip that is interfaced with a MikroElektronia Mikromedia development board. The firmware has been written in C-code using the mikroC Pro for PIC32 compiler, and VisualTFT.

I've included a few sample images in the "panoramas" folder that were created with this system.

Also, you can explore an immersive 360x180° Google Photosphere view of the panoramic images I've created with the camera rig here:

The neat thing with this project is you are free to build upon the GPL v3 open source firmware and use it in your own camera control projects. The code currently implements the shutter button, half-press focus button, exposure dial up, and exposure dial down buttons.

This hardware setup can be re-purposed for many other activities like making custom timelapses with precise shutter speed control, capturing highspeed photos with the addition of a strobe light, interfacing with MikroElektronika mikroBus Click sensors like motion or sound detection boards to trigger photos, or creating bullet-time camera rigs, etc... the possibilities are endless.

The Canon DSLR battery grip is modified by soldering 5 jumper wires. The wires connect to the rotary dial controls, and the shutter button mechanism. This body grip connection allows the Mikromedia board to externally control the camera. It is important to note that since the removable battery grip accessory is being modified, your original camera body remains in stock, original condition.

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