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PlayblastVR for Maya

PlayblastVR is a renderer for Maya that creates hardware rendered panoramic images using OpenGL or DirectX.


PlayblastVR for Maya

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  • KartaVR Send to Photoscan Sneak Peek

    18 / 07 / 2017

    This video is a sneak peek look at a new KartaVR feature that is under development called "Send Media to Photoscan". This script is planned for release with the next KartaVR update in August. The new "Send Media to Photoscan" script Read More...

  • PlayblastVR Bifrost Splash + Foam Simulation

    23 / 06 / 2017

      This project used the PlayblastVR for Maya renderer to create an equirectangular 360° VR previz animation from a Maya based fluid simulation. You can pan around and view an immersive panoramic version of the Bifrost Read More...

  • Mawson’s Hut 360VR Matchmoved Camera Dolly

    14 / 06 / 2017

    This blog post explores the new 360VR tools in the SynthEyes Pro matchmoving program. For this experiment I was interested in seeing how well SynthEyes newest version 1702 release could handle tracking "fulldome" style footage that was Read More...